Here's what students and customers are saying about Jill Newman of Zazzy Peacock Studios:

•  “My daughter signed up for a session of Jill’s needle felting class this summer and immediately fell in love with both Jill and the class.  So much so that she insisted on taking the next session!  The classes were extremely easy to follow, and I could tell that my daughter really loved both the process and the end result.  She has all of her beautifully crafted animals proudly displayed on her window sill and she absolutely can’t wait to take another class with Jill this summer.  I highly recommend this class for anyone interested in a fun, engrossing, and productive craft.”  – Mom of online camper

•  My daughter “has adored the felting camps with you this summer! Do you offer any classes in the fall? She would love to continue improving her felting skills and really appreciated your teaching style. J” – Mom of online camper (age 13)

•  I “signed my 12 year-old daughter up for one of Jill’s felting camps over the summer.  … My daughter was hooked from the very first animal she felted!  A one-week camp turned into a second, then a third and fourth.  My daughter is so proud of her menagerie of 12 adorable animals and her skill progression with each one.  She not only loves to admire them but also talk about how she made them with friends and family.  She’s now excited to take Jill’s Felting Frenzy Friday class to make some fun holiday figures.  We can’t recommend Jill’s classes enough.  Her format of recorded instruction and live class are ideal for these crazy times and back-to-school schedule.”  – Mom of online camper (age 12)

•  “I have taken classes with Jill for two years and love every minute. It gets my creative juices going and it’s so much fun. Jill is incredibly talented and makes a non-artist feel like an artist. It’s a great diversion from the real world and makes me feel like I accomplished something and in fact, I have given my projects as gifts. My friends and family are shocked at how well they came out. After one lesson you will be hooked!” – Adult student (50+yo)

Photo credit: Guiomar Ochoa

Thank you to Guiomar Ochoa for her review of Zazzy Peacock Studios!
"Meet Jill Newman and you’ll understand why she chose the name Zazzy Peacock for her new studio located in the Artists & Makers 2 space in Rockville. She’s a colorful, creative soul who is full of energy and loves working with equally minded youngsters. You must be eight and up to host a party at ZPS and Jill will work with you on the materials you’d like to work with as well as what you’ll be creating. Tweens are encouraged to create a custom project! You bring food and cake but can leave decorations behind as Jill has zazzed ZPS in such fun, bright colors, you won’t need to lift a finger. She even handmade a festive birthday banner!"